A Ray of Sunshine

Lori Cameron – Bringing Joy to the Community!

Lori Cameron is serious about combating local food insecurity! Every week, she picks up food at the Farmers Market with Food Forward to fight hunger in Ventura County. Plus, once a week she volunteers for Shop Ahoy to bring food to the homebound. 

Here is Lori with the Food Share Farm Truck that grows veggies in the truck bed! She works at the local Food Bank and brings organic food to seniors. She also delivers her homemade meals to her senior family members during this pandemic. 

Lori has been a Board Member of the Organic Garden Club, growing veggie starter plants for Arbor Earth Day for years to inspire the community to grow their own food.

Her husband, Steve, helps with her projects, like Food Forward. Here they are in the 2020 Conejo Creek Park Halloween Trick or Treat Drive Thru! Lori was a ladybug and Steve was a peanut butter spider sandwich! They gave candy and seed packets to 158 cars representing the Organic Garden Club! 

Lori Cameron’s Backyard Paradise

Lori’s Garden is inspirational and ever changing as she composts to build new rich soil, which helps save the planet by sequestering carbon. Her garden is a peaceful refuge that brings light to her family, friends, and Club members.

Sharing the Bounty of her Harvest

Lori harvests abundance in her organic backyard fruit and veggie garden. She brings her harvests to the kitchen to preserve. She makes kombucha, beet kvass, tomato sauce, salsa, jams, cheeses, pickles, pies, and dishes to share with her friends and family.

Lori has shared her time, talent, and effort in outstanding service in the fight to end food insecurity in the Community and as a Board Member of the Organic Garden Club of Ventura County.

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