Marigolds and Nasturtiums

Marigolds and nasturtiums are perfect flowers to plant among your veggies in an organic raised bed veggie garden. They both are pretty edible flowers that send out natural chemical signals to attract beneficial insects, like lady bugs, and repel pesky bugs, like whiteflies. 

The smell of marigolds has been proven to keep a variety of pests away from the veggies, like destructive nematodes and whiteflies, making them a good companion for all root veggies, as well as tomatoes and cabbage. Marigold flower petals can spice up salads with color and flavor and have been used medicinally for headaches and toothaches.

Nasturtiums are effective in keeping aphids, slugs, and snails from cabbage and lettuce; they also repel cucumber beetles and whiteflies from the squash, and tomatoes. Beautiful edible nasturtiums flowers, rich in vitamin C, are the perfect peppery garnish for cupcakes or tang for salads. Nasturtiums can also be stuffed and fried or baked for a tasty appetizer, and the spicy blossoms make a beautiful presentation on the plate.

Because nasturtiums and marigolds grow lovely colorful blossoms all summer long and bugs dislike their smell and avoid anything growing around them, they are good companions to plant among your veggies.  They like full sun and grow well in pots for patio gardening. 

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