Organic Container Veggies

Grow your own food in pots on the patio, in a window box or even a hanging basket. Containers can be filled with the best organic soil, moved to find the best sun, and can fit into any small space. You can grow abundant crops that are decorative as well as edible. 

The Garden Tower Project in the picture above  is a patio farm where you can grow 50 plants in four square feet in a self contained easily accessible system, requiring no weeding and containing a vertical vermicomposting system that has red wriggler worms living in a long tube running down the center to provide the best organic fertilizer and soil amendment.

Plant strawberries in a basket where they are out of reach of most pests, are easy to pick, and won’t rot on the soil. Line the basket with heavy duty plastic to help retain the soil and keep it moist. Fill the basket with rich organic fruit and vegetable potting mix. Add Dr. Earth Organic fertilizer. Soak the strawberry plants in a bucket of water to ensure the root ball is moist and remove from the pots and tickle the roots a little to loosen them. Place the strawberry plants evenly around the basket and cover the root balls with organic soil to 1 inch below the rim of the basket. Soak the basket well, let drain, and suspend it on a hook in a sunny place. In warm weather, the strawberries need to be watered every day. You can over the basket with bird netting when the fruits start to ripen. 

Grow an attractive cut and come again fresh salad in a window box outside or in a bright kitchen windowsill. Loose leaf lettuce responds well to being sown close together, where their leaves can be cut and the plant continues to grow. Fill the window box with rich organic soil and sprinkle the seeds evenly. Cover the seeds lightly and water with a fine spray. Keep the soil consistently moist by watering daily and seedlings will appear in a couple of weeks. Cut the outside leaves 1 to 2 inches above the soil level with scissors as needed, and these plants will continue to regrow for months. For the best nutrition, harvest leaves in the morning. The more leaves you harvest, the more will grow.

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