Grow Chives at Home

Chives are easy to grow and are perennial and drought tolerant. Sow seeds in winter or early spring. Chives grow in tight clumps of long thin grasslike leaves that taste like mild, sweet onions. Chives are often grown with tomatoes, as they repel Japanese beetles and aid in the prevention of black spot, scab, and mildew. Chives may be planted as an edging around a raised bed garden as they are also companion plants to carrots, grapes, and roses.

Harvest the leaves by trimming off the top one third and leave the plant to continue to grow. When the small globe shaped lavender flowers appear, pick them before the seeds appear as they are yummy in salads. Chives can be minced and used fresh to top potato, cauliflower, asparagus, or tomato dishes. Add chives at the last minute for best flavor. 

Chives make a tasty vinegar using both the flowers and minced leaves. Chives do not dry well, but you can mince and freeze them for later use.

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